Sunday, February 24, 2008

How to prevent street gangs

The priority for Montreal police is to fight street gangs in 2008 especially since their crime have increased. In 'La Maison Cote-des-Neiges" in Montreal, a place for young teenagers, they do prevention on street gangs occupying their free time. They have a pool table, a ping-pong table, they are playing soccer with other teenagers and police officers, a musical comedy, meetings with real prisoners, well everything to distract them from street gangs. It makes them understand the risks of succumbing to the charm of street gangs.

They interview two young teenagers on how they perceive street gangs after all these activities. They are two young black teenagers that could be perfectly dressed as street members but in reality, they are two young guys who are simply realizing what gangs are. They are conscientious about what it is and they don't want to be involved in it.

Not only they do activities but they also visit prisoners who can tell them what it is like to be in street gangs and how you have constantly risking your live. I think this is important to make young teens to really understand what it involves. It's with this kind of effort we will fight this phenomena and by increasing the funding, we will win this war against street gangs. After, we see some statistics about street gangs. The total homicides due to street gangs have increased from 12 out of 42 in 2006 to 14 out of 41(2007) homicides in the city of Montreal. Then, attempted murders have also rise form 42 out of 136 in 2006 to 54 out of 99 (2007) due to street gangs. You may say these are just statistics but the danger is real and alarming.

The video is just showing the positive side of the House. I'm sure some young teenagers are not as happy as the others and that they are frustrated. We just see some happy young guys and we assume that everything is perfect which I'm sure is false. I would have like to see a bad side of this video.

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