Sunday, February 24, 2008

Los Angeles gangs vs Montreal gangs

We certainly have our share of problems with gangs these days in Montreal but it is nothing compare to LA gangs. Walking alone in a gang sector can be scaring in Montreal but do the same thing in LA and I'm sure you will think that Montreal is like a walk in the park compare to LA gangs. In the year 1992, according to the Los Angeles police department, they were 9522 different crimes including, Homicides, rapes, robbery, etc. In 2006, they were over 7,300 different crimes. They were 271 murders. These numbers have decreased in the last few years due to the prevention of street gangs. They still have a big problem but they are fixing it because their problem didn't starting in the past years, it was there since at least 30 years. They are realizing that their city will benefit from this decreasing violence.

But just to show you how big this is, I will compare it with Quebec province. In 2006, approximately 70 people died in Quebec. It has a population of 6 millions compare to 4 millions in Los Angeles and the statistics I showed you with LA is just street gangs. Imagine all combined together. They have a big problem with crimes and I'm happy not to live there.

In Montreal, it's the opposite of LA gangs. The numbers have increased. We have see some LA members (9) in the region recently and the police was preoccupy by their visit. They argue that they were in vacation but Montreal's police is sure that 2 of them where there for drug deals. This is scaring because Montreal gangs are starting to identify their selves with LA gangs and if they come here, the problem will just become bigger and uncontrollable

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