Friday, February 15, 2008

Street gangs

One of the biggest problems in today's society. The phenomena have involved quite a lot in the past few years with new gangs in the street. We have to understand that most of the street gangs are in big cities. It really started in the US first in Los Angeles back in the 20's and 30's. Most members of these gangs were African-Americans. But has the years passed, the problem became bigger and bigger. I really want to know more this subject due to the constant increase of his effect in today's society. I want to understand why this problem has increased so much in the past years and why these people get in these kind of gangs. Also, why there is an increase of violence in these gangs.

The information has been quite easy to find due to the large amount of articles on it. The phenomena have been quite urgent to solve the street gang problem because it will be out of control if we don't solve it now.

Quebec is not different than in the US. We are also having big difficulties with street gangs. Our gangs are similar to US gangs. The Bloods and The Crips, who are well known in the US, are two of the biggest gang in Montreal. I would say that the phenomena in Quebec is been a problem that the police is really working the last 4-5 years because they saw the problem what bigger than they thought.


Yann Nelson said...

This is a very interesting subject chosen, with a lot to learn about. Streets gangs are getting bigger and bigger as we talk and I think it is important to know more about it. The blog looks great, there are some spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes like (I really want to know more this subject due to the constant increase of his effect)so make sure to re-read before posting anything on the blog. The list of the other classmates links is also absent from the main page of your blog so make sure to add their links as for example:… Your blog also needs the title Jean-Philippea2 and not Streets Gang.

Yann Nelson said...

In overall, I would say it is a really nice blog that attracts the readers attention.